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Here’s the Deal:

I’m pretty mad about how infrequently we see chronic illness represented in any kind of media, and I want to address that.

I think storytelling is *incredibly* important for developing empathy, and I helped lots of people share tough & vulnerable stories during my two years with Stories We Don’t Tell in Toronto (, which still has an awesome podcast + events).

I believe recording & sharing our stories is a form of testimony about how messed up medical care is right now. And it lets others bear witness to what we live with each day. And it creates resources for the undiagnosed & newly diagnosed to feel less alone or to share with friends & family.

Basically I want to talk to *you* about:

– your diagnosis story
– your relationship with doctors
– the research you’ve done on your own
– any unusual treatments you’ve tried
– what your life is like day to day and week to week
– whatever *you* think is important

A bit about me:

I’ve been dealing with mysterious symptoms and frustrating doctors visits basically for my whole life. Then about three years ago things came to a head and I couldn’t ignore the energy crashes, brain fog and skin problems anymore. I’ve discovered that I have dysautonomia, hypermobility, and environmental sensitivities. But of course, that diagnosis may change as medicine changes. You can hear the whole story in Episode One & Episode 50.

I’ve also worked with lots of people on personal storytelling (as mentioned above). I co-founded a monthly storytelling event in Toronto and facilitated two monthly workshops where people dug into tough and vulnerable stories. I’ve also run storytelling workshops with First Round Capital, Camp Yes for Women and Deloitte. Basically, I’m very ready to talk about all the nitty gritty of chronic illness.

I’m on hiatus right now, but if you sign up below I’ll let you know as soon as I’m booking new interviews!

Looking for transcripts? Episodes 1-47, 54-57, and 62+ are fully transcribed.
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