49 – Jenna

Jenna, a white woman with a wavy brown bob that has pink and blond streaks, smiles at the camera. Jenna is wearing pink earrings, red lipstick, and a sleeveless floral top. There is grass and trees in the background and there is a stylized purple hexagon framing the photo.

Jenna Green talks multiple sclerosis and degenerative disc disease and how making meaning from chronic illness is not the same as believing that it happened for a reason.


Hi, I’m Brianne Benness and this is No End In Sight, a podcast about life with chronic illness.

Before we get started, I’m going to do the thing where I plug my own work. Last weekend I wrote an open letter to problem patients and published it on Medium. I honestly sobbed while I was writing this letter, and it’s a mashup of my own experiences and everything I’ve learned while doing these interviews. Before I started this podcast, I kind of thought that I would mostly be learning about all of the different unusual cures and coping mechanisms that people had discovered for themselves, but that’s not really what I found at all. 

Instead, I’ve learned about some really predictable patterns in what it feels like to become sick and I tried to acknowledge a lot of them in this letter. You can find a link in the episode notes for this show on NoEndInSight.co, or you can just google Brianne Benness Medium and it will be the most recent post. It’s called Dear Problem Patients: An open letter to anyone who’s ever felt dismissed by their doctor.

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Today I’m talking to Jenna Green about degenerative disc disease and multiple sclerosis and how making meaning from chronic illness is not the same as believing that it happened for a reason.

Before we start, here’s my disclaimer:

This podcast is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Make sure you talk to your practitioner about any questions or symptoms.

[interview transcript coming soon]

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