60 – Suzanne

Suzanne, a white person with short brown hair and plastic-framed glasses, looks a the camera. There is a stylized purple hexagon framing the photo.

Suzanne Lahna talks chronic migraine, medication side effects, and making hay while the sun shines.


I’m Brianne Benness and this is No End In Sight, a podcast about life with chronic illness.

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This week I’m talking to Suzanne Lahna about chronic migraine. Suzanne shares their story and we also talk about the usual topics like navigating healthcare, trying to work, and the ways that chronic illness can reshape your identity.

There are a couple moments in this episode where google hangouts was causing havoc with lag and other connection issues. I’ve cut most of that out but I’m sure you’ll notice the residue. Technology, what can I say.

As a quick content note, Suzanne does briefly mention suicidal ideation in passing while talking about a friend of theirs. But the focus of that conversation is fighting the instinct to reassure people that things will get better with physical or mental health, when that’s just not always the case.

Before we start, here’s my disclaimer:

This podcast is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Make sure you talk to your practitioner about any questions or symptoms.

[interview transcript coming soon]

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