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Dov, a white man with short dark hair and a goatee, looks directly at the camera. He is wearing a black hoodie and stands in front of a blurry green background. There is a stylized purple octagon superimposed over the photo.

Dov Zeller talks ME and mast cell issues and all the different ways that our culture could support those of us living with chronic illness.


Hi, I’m Brianne Benness and this is No End In Sight, a podcast about life with chronic illness.

Today I’m talking talking to Dov Zeller about ME and mast cell issues and all the different ways that our culture could support those of us living with chronic illness. Dov is a writer and co-coordinator of the Home Bodies Collective, which is a twitter community for homebound and bedbound folks. You can find out more about the Homebodies Collective by searching for #TheHomeBodiesCollective and by following their new twitter account @theHBC_home. Besides this, Dov also shares his photos under the #HomeBoundPhotography, which you should totally browse and perhaps even share your own photos.

Before we start, here’s my disclaimer:

This podcast is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Make sure you talk to your practitioner about any questions or symptoms.

[Interview transcript coming soon]

Thank you for listening to episode 36 of No End In Sight!

You can find Dov on twitter at @DovZeller, and you can find me on both instagram and twitter @bennessb. You can find this show on instagram @no.end.in.sight.pod. I’m still a little slow on posts because I’m still behind on transcripts, but that’ll pick up again once those pick up again, which should be soon. 

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And finally:

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Looking for transcripts? Episodes 1-47, 54-57, and 62+ are fully transcribed.
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