Quick Update 1

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Just a few words about the transcript process (and how you can help!), my commitments while I work on this podcast, and some details about the interviews I have in the queue.


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Hello! This is Brianne Benness and you’re listening to No End In Sight, a podcast about life with chronic illness.

As you might have guessed by the short episode time and the non-standard episode name, I won’t be releasing an interview this week. Don’t worry, I’m nowhere near out of material, but I’ll get to that in a second.

Basically, when I started releasing these episodes as a weekly podcast, I made a commitment to myself and to my husband, the guy who takes care of me when I’m flared, that I would take breaks when I needed them. This is hard to do! I used to work in digital marketing and I know how important a regular schedule is. If you release your podcast every Thursday, then it’s important that you keep releasing your podcast every Thursday, no matter what happens!

But I also made a commitment to myself and the community to release a transcript with each episode. There are so many reasons that this is important, especially in the chronic illness and disability community. I create the original transcript file using Amazon Web Services, but editing that file usually takes me between one and three days. Usually that’s fine. It’s good work for my brain and I have seven days to do it. Plus it gives me a good chance to listen to the interview all over again before I share it with you. 

So last week when I fell behind on the transcript, I was frustrated but I also figured I would spend a couple days on that one and that get to work on the transcript for episode 15, and try to have both of those out before today. 

And then I got a stomach bug. I spent a day curled up in a cozy-ish nest in the corner of my bathroom and I spent two more days barely eating and I stopped taking all my supplements and whatnot because I wasn’t eating, and you guys get it, I know you do. Sometimes this stuff comes up and it sucks. And it’s not just the stomach bug, it’s the way the stomach bug flares all of your other symptoms. This week for example, I had some nasty hip pain that I haven’t felt in probably 14 months. Because of a stomach bug. 

Anyway, that might be too much information and I’m starting to feel like I’m making excuses for late homework or something. So just know that I’ve had a somewhat frustrating 10 days or so. And I anticipate frustrating days in the future that will also set me back and postpone episode releases. And hopefully I’ll be able to share quick updates then too. 

I’ve also had a couple people offer to help out with the transcript editing, and the help I’ve had so far has made an incredible impact on how hard or easy it is to release a show. I’ve been nervous about asking for help with this publicly because there is no money involved with the podcast right now, and I really don’t want to ask chronically ill or disabled people for free labor. We get enough of that as it is. If I ever do bring money into the picture through sponsorship or fundraising or whatever, my first priority will be paying transcript editors. So for now, if you have basic editing skills and you’d really like to volunteer to help with this podcast, I would be so grateful. 

I’ve got things set up in Google Drive so that editors can pop in and out and work on one minute, five minutes, or even a full hour if you’re brave. There’s no pressure, commitment or deadlines. If you want to know more about this, just send me a note on twitter or instagram @bennessb, or send an email to brianne@digitalartisanal.com

The more exciting news is that I did FOUR new interviews this week. One before the stomach bug, and three while in various states of bug recovery. All of these stories cover experiences that are new to this podcast, like ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis, post concussion syndrome, and seeking accommodations for your chronic illness on a college campus. I’m really looking forward to sharing all these stories with you. 

I think that’s it until next week, when I will be back with a full episode for y’all.

I hope your 2019s are off to a great start! Thanks for listening to this mini-update/rant.